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Terms and Conditions.


1, It takes 2-3 hours to clean a single oven, so please allow this time in your day for me to get the oven cleaned. I will inspect the oven prior to commencing a cleaning process and inform you of any obvious defects with said oven which may effect the level of clean achievable.

2, If you have used caustic or proprietry cleaning products in the past, this may have damaged the surface of the oven, my cleaning process will not restore the oven to a factory fresh look but simply clean it to whatever surface lies beneath the grime. I may ask if you have attempted to clean the oven yourself as there are certain giveaways to caustic substances having been used.

3, Parking. I require parking for my van close to the premises. Failure to provide for parking will prevent me from cleaning your oven, and, unless pre-warned a charge will be made of 50% of the potential invoice value.

4, Unless otherwise agreed in writing Payment for oven cleaning (including other associated cleans, hobs, extractors etc) is due upon satisfactory clean of the oven. If you are for some reason not satisfied and do not allow me to attempt futher cleaning then payment for the oven clean will be due in full, you will need to allow further time for further cleaning, I will demonstrate the limit of cleaning the oven. Payment is accepted by cash or cheque. An invoice will be emailed to your chosen email address.

5, Cancellation by customer of an oven clean within 24 hours of the clean will be invoiced at 50% of cancelled clean.

6, Cancellation of a clean due to ill health on either side is acceptable if an alternative date is made to clean (other exceptions are made and the list is not exhaustive)

7, If contact is made by email to book an oven clean then a phone number, landline or mobile, is required a minimum of 48 hours before the clean.

8, BBQ cleaning is undertaken only as extra to an oven clean, I do not clean a BBQ as a stand alone item.